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FOREST MYSTICISM / KRYTA NICESTWA - Mirrors of Glaciated Earth

FOREST MYSTICISM / KRYTA NICESTWA - Mirrors of Glaciated Earth



Featuring an exclusive track by each band and then a "raw mix" of each, Mirrors of Glaciated Earth is truly titled: indeed is it an ominously reflecting pool of cold, obsidian glory. Poland's Krypta Nicestwa start Side A with "Wieczor," a haunting hymn duly displaying the band's geographical constitution. Although a relatively new entity, Krypta Nicestwa honor their noble roots with a grim 'n' mystical sound that's poignantly Polish in a most mid-'90s manner. Australia's Forest Mysticism follow next with "The Spirit Awoken." Arising from the dead in 2018, this song is the band's first new recording since last year's all-too-short Hearken EP. And although just one track, "The Spirit Awoken" is an absolute firebrand of a song, Forest Mysticism's breathtaking bravado once again resulting in pagan black metal of the highest order. On Side B, then, comes rawer iterations of both bands' respective songs, with Forest Mysticism's contribution first and followed by Krypta Nicestwa, altogether instilling an alluring delirium truly worthy of the title Mirrors of Glaciated Earth. ByNebular Carcoma.